Welcome to Depaysemoi !
Nice to see you here ! If what brings you is a big need for travel, adventure and « depaysement » (french word here :D), then you're in the right place !

Who are we ? :

Nils : 30 years. Patient, curious, he’s interested in everything ! A small marmot side (he’s not really friend with early wake up). A resourceful man, he always manages to tinker something. Very focused on sport including skiing (he was born on skis, I can’t see other explanations), martial arts, and climbing. He’s always looking for new adventures and experiences especially in extreme sports! A real geek n the soul, he spent a lot of time on video games ! 
IT expert, he has an engineering degree and worked for a french major audiovisual company before releasing everything to go around the world !
Before that, he had already traveled, especially in Europe.

Fanny : 24 years. Completely addicted to adventure, travel, magic, myths and legends. A little bit (?) grouchy and impatient. Sport is also important to me, especially horseriding (don’t get started on it, I’m unstoppable), combat sports and extreme sports. I want to try everything, learn everything and know how to do everything ! Apart from that, I love to read and write : one of my wishes is to write a book ! I recognize being a geek of video games and movies ! 
A small tendency to love and seek challenges, even the most idiots I admit. 
I have a Japanese-Chinese degree, an History degree and an Event Manager Degree. 
I traveled directly after my studies. Since my birth, I have been used to traveling, I have already lived in Guyana and New Caledonia. I also often traveled by myself in countries like Japan, New Zealand, Morocco, United States ...

Why travel around the world ? :

I remember, be lying on the couch, waiting for our game to launch, and to have said, bluntly : « Come on, go travel around the world ! »
Nils just replied, « « Okay! » »
We looked at each other smiling, and it was gone! Does that sound crazy? Impulsive? This is good because it suits us ! Anyway from that day, everything happened quickly and we gave ourselves until 2017 to leave.
We did it, since we were celebrating New Year Day in the United Arab Emirates our 1st destination !

One of the first reasons is obviously, to see, to live, there is this need to discover new things, the feeling of « unknown », not to have a life regulated ... None of us is made for the routine and schematic all-out of society. I really feel myself only when I am free, and this freedom, passes immensely through travel. Nils also sought to dematerialized happiness, returning to the essential. When your life is restricted to a backpack, you have to make choices quickly ! But besides these reasons, what we wanted to find was time. Time for him, for me, for us, to learn. We are so thirsty for knowledge, but we just trampled, circled like lions in a cage. So much to discover, and not enough time or "too lazy".
OWe're so busy worrying about how we're going to manage our future, paying our rent, having our retirement that we no longer take advantage of what's important. Nothing more horrible than be fit to drop at night and not enjoying our time. We don’t see each one of the day, and when we’re reunited, one or the other is tired if it is not both ... We couldn’t reconcile our current lifestyles with our ambitions , our needs.
We decided to change that !

Why this blog ? :

This blog is still very young, a new one among many others, yet it is already nourished with our passion. It is it which is the basis of everything and we hope you will feel it through our articles.
This blog, we do it for you, (yes it’s true), so that you too, you can go for it. This may seem pretentious, but its purpose is to motivate and give confidence to anyone wanting to pursue her/his dreams. We don’t saying that travelling is the key to happiness for everyone ! Even if we think it’s important to travel, not everyone needs to do that to be fulfilled. We just share the idea that everybody can achieve their goals, and above all not to put up barriers, or to be demotivated by anyone.No matter what you want to accomplish.

"There are two types of people who will tell you that you can not make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid that you will succeed " Ray Goforth

But we also do it for ourselves, we wanted to have a little space for ourselves, where we could let go completely, share, grow up…
We hope that it will be useful to people, whether it is for those preparing a trip, or for inspiration, or just to escape the time of a few lines and photos. And above all, let everyone realize the beauty of this planet and the importance of seeing it and protecting it !

What does this blog offer ? :

Our life is now contained in our backpacks, being both adventurous, we decided that the backpacker way is the one that corresponded to us the most. We don’t reject other way of travel, on the contrary, but let us say that this one is the one most adapted to our budget !
We would like to share our itinerary, but we don’t have one ! In any case, we would not manage to keep it, we are distracted too easily by the opportunities that present themselves !
Our credo is to see everything, discover everything, learn everything, try everything (yes, that’s all ). We are insatiable, and it’s okay with us!

So, this blog is like us. The subjects are diversified! You will find what a travel blog can offer: advice and information about the countries: budget, food, security, ... But also about subjects which interest us : sport, and even survival! Or DIY recipes for example.
We want to go back to the essentials, know how to do things ourselves, without having to buy, to return to what Mother Nature has to offer us!

We aim to avoidtoo touristy areas, we do not run away from them because we still want to visit them, but we mainly seek contact with Nature, being lost in the fauna & flora is our common thread . Find unrecognized little bits of paradise.To be « dépaysé » in other words !

In this blog, we have the principle ofbe frank towards you. Political cant is not really for us, and this will not help you during your travels! There will be great moments as there will be horrible and we will share them with you.
We want to have an eco-responsible travel, understand that we are fairly focused on the well-being of our dear planet. EAnd also of its inhabitants there are those who have hairs, feathers, scales, etc.

Anecdote : Why and what does it mean « Depayse moi » ? :

Dépaysement :« The incredible feeling felt when you step out of your own familiar world to enter a new one »
For the anecdote, did you know that the word « Dépaysement » exists only in French ? Other languages have no word to define this feeling, so it’s an untranslatable word. It’s obviously this singularity that has seduced us !

We really hope that this blog will be useful and that you appreciate your time on it ! 
We are also present on social networks, as « Facebook »,« Instagram » et « Youtube »
Don’t hesitate to contact us personally or professionally! We will try to answer as soon as possible : contact@depaysemoi.com