How to travel cheap in United Arab Emirates ?

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The United Arab Emirates often brings with them a certain idea of the luxury that can scare the small budgets who wish to visit the country. Yet, despite their reputation, they remain more affordable than some European countries. Here are some tips and tricks to save on your trip :

Become an Ace in Currency Conversion :

It’s always good to know how much you spend in your own currency, for that a currency conversion app s always useful. In this case, it is enough to divide the price in dirhams by 4 to get an idea of the price in euros. Don’t forget that the exchange rates are not the same every day, it’s the joys of the Exchange !

Know local news :

Ask about the time of your trip. It is known that off-season is always cheaper, but it's not all that defines the price: if there are events in the area where you are, hotels will be much more expensive and crowded !

Unity is strength :

If you are several, why not look at hotels that offer room-apartment rather than the usual hotel rooms? You will have separate rooms (probably 2 bathrooms) and a living room and kitchen in common room. This allows you to share expenses and spend less, especially if you cook yourself! (Obviously, this tip is only valid if you want to see your friends !)

Internet is your friend :

There are almost always discounts on hotels that are really not negligible! This requires a little more preparation and less spontaneity, but at least it will save you money. As for activities, websites like Getyourguide offer discounts or combo tickets, for example: a lot for the Yas Waterwolrd and Ferrari World parks which is cheaper than purchased separately. In addition, according to the company, you are picked up at a meeting point to bring you there directly and you are taken back to the same place which saves a good part of the journey. GROUPON is much used then checked out the offers.

Pay attention to the "Time Out" :

Companies are dropping prices significantly at this time! It may be worth it, but it can also be a bit risky, if you depend on that to do an activity.

Places more or less expensive :

The location plays a significant role on prices, a beer down the Burj Khalifa does not cost the same price as old Dubai! As always, eating in small bui bui always comes back cheaper, here are often small stuff held by Pakistanis, Indians, etc ... That is not found in the Mall as you suspected

Happy Hour :

No need to explain what it is, we are all followers! In Emirates too, it's good ! All bars proposes it. But don’t forget that alcohol is often more expensive than soft drinks, afterwards, it’s a choice that must be taken into account in your budget !

Know what is free :

Almost all things to visit are free in the country, be sure to check in before, so you don’t get ripped off even if this is not very common, it can happen. It’s also a way to get the official price and know the benefits offered with.

Cash before credit card :

Always have liquid on you, already, it is more used than the blue card, but above all it will save you the bank charges with each payment !

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