Between the dunes of Liwa

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On the way to Liwa

Even if we had already been in the desert via « the dune bashing » or « our road trip », we had this desire to be completely surrounded by it, a little cliché of sand dunes as far as the eye can see qwhat we imagine when we speak about desert. When we talked about it, my dad tells us he knows the perfect place for it : Liwa. A small check on the internet, a booked hotel and we plan it for the weekend !

Liwa is in the south of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Considered an oasis, the place is not renowned for its great agitation but especially for its sand dunes as we wanted it. And it is sure that we did not get ripped off since there are only that !

Dunes de sable - Emirats Arabes Unis

Sand, sand and sand

It was already easy to see on the 3h of road that separates Abu Dhabi from Liwa, road where we have crossed a lot of dromedary in freedom and even gazelles (we tried to photograph but they runs fast these little beasts !). No matter how much we see, we do not get tired of it, and we continue to marvel at these animals in freedom that do not seem disturbed by the heat.

We stopped a lot, and each time local people make sure that all is well for us, and that we are not down. They are reassured, touched by their attention, they also look pleased that we take our time to enjoy what surrounds us. One of them even offers us an enormous sachet of fruit from his garden.

Seul dans le désert - Emirats Arabes Unis

We enjoy the sand as we wanted, before going to Mezaira’a (still in Liwa) to find the hotel in which we stayed for 2 nights : Liwa Hotel (we agree, the name is original). his may not surprise you, but once again you are not disappointed with the hotel. Completely surrounded by the desert, it can’t be more calm.

Hotel - Emirats Arabes Unis

We are like kids by finding candy in the room (yes, we are easily happy) and even more enjoying a tennis court and pool (with bar in the water please) !

Bar aquatique - Emirats Arabes Unis

We relax, and it must be said that the place is ideal for this, it’s so quiet and isolated from everything that it is ressourcing. Yet in Abu Dhabi the corner where one is is also quiet, but nothing compared to here.
We spend the rest of the day enjoying these moments, before going to sleep.

Piscine - Emirats Arabes Unis

The next day, it’s a quiet awakening, before returning to discover. We meet buggies and quads which are enjoyed all these dunes, we observe them defied the gravity, to be completely covered with sand, to go up and go down laughing. We also help push a 4x4 bogged down in the sand. This is part of the risks in the area !

The place is ideal to fly the drone again as new (despite a small stripe proof of its tough fight), Nils is pleased, especially by discovering a band of dromedary peaceful and not at all impressed by this flying device.

Dromadaires - Emirats Arabes Unis

I also take the opportunity to lie on the burning sand, I love this feeling of warmth by the earth and by the sun! But I can not remain long enough to do nothing, and like a kid I throw myself from the top of the dunes to roll down to the ground under the laughter of my mother. I have sand everywhere, but I have a big smile !
Once we took advantage of it, we returned to the hotel where after a good swimming in the pool, we rent 3 quads to discover the dunes otherwise! Not easy to direct this big beast at first, and then I get there and we have fun until sunset which spreads its last rays on every grains of sand that surrounds us. We quieted the quads to enjoy the moment before returning "gently" to the hotel (ok, the true version is that we rolled like crazy on the way back but well, these are only details. ! )

Quad - Emirats Arabes Unis

We spent one last evening in this place, which was a real crush for us, ready to take the road the next day to Abu Dhabi.

Liwa Hotel

Web site : « »
Prices : For a Deluxe Double Room : 100€ (without breakfast). Prices vary according to the room chosen and the period. Swimming pool, tennis free. Restaurants on site.
Quads : For the most powerful (not too much choice to make in the dunes), about 30 € per person.

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