How to obtain and extend your visa for Nepal ?

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Traveling to Nepal requires a visa, no matter how long you plan to stay there. We told you everything there is to know about it, including how to extend your visa once there.

How to obtain your visa for Nepal ? :

It’s possible to apply for a visa in your home country before departure by going to the Embassy of Nepal.

The easiest thing to do it, it’s right on the spot once you arrive at Kathmandu airport. A specific place is dedicated once out of the plane. The only things to expect are one to two passport-sized ID photos, the necessary cash and your passport, of course.

Attention :

Having a visa for Nepal does not allow you to go trekking, for this you must apply for a TIMS.

How much does the visa for Nepal cost ? :

The rate depends on how long you stay in the country. The minimum duration for a visa is 15 days (but nothing obviously requires you to stay as much).
Three possibilities are available to you :

You can pay in US dollars, Nepalese rupees, and even euros (normally !)

Practical information :

Summary for easily obtaining your visa for Nepal :

Visa required ? : Yes.
Where to get it ? : At Kathmandu airport upon arrival.
What should we bring ? :
  • One to two passport photos.
  • Your passport.
  • Cash to pay your visa.

How much does the visa cost ? :
  • 15-day visa : 25 dollars (about 20€).
  • 30-day visa : 40 dollars (about 35€).
  • 90-day visa : 100 dollars (about 86€).

Can we renew the visa ? : Yes.
How long can you stay maximum in Nepal ? : 150 days a year (about 5 months).

How to extend your visa for Nepal? :

As long as you don’t exceed a maximum stay of 150 days a year, you can renew your visa. In addition to the 30-day visa we took on arrival, we renewed our 15-day visa twice. In other words, we stayed two months in Nepal.

Attention :

If you have planned a trek, don’t forget to extend your visa to be sure of having time.

Since we were based in Pokhara, we are more familiar with this area, so the information we give you is based on our experience there.

First of all, you have to go online online on to fill out the visa extension application form. Without that, there is no point in going to the immigration office.
If it’s the tourist visa that interests you, be sure to select "Tourist Visa" and fill out the form correctly.
Once done, a confirmation is created that you must necessarily print in order to present it to the immigration office.

Attention :

The dates for the visa extension must be at least 15 days.

Visa - Népal

With this printed form, you have to present the photocopy of your passport . You'll find printers in town, or a few blocks away from the Immigration Office.

Once you have your printed visa extension confirmation, a photocopy of your passport, and the necessary amount of Nepalese rupee money, you can go to the Immigration Office.

Attention :

Do it yourself, don’t pay someone else to do it !

Where to extend your Nepalese visa in Pokhara ? :

At Immigration Office, located next to Miteri Park, 20-30 minutes maximum walk from Lakeside.
It's without an appointment, just arm yourself a little patience, because the procedure takes at least 30 minutes or more if there are people !

The office is open from Sunday to Thursday, and the afternoon hours are not always stable, we advise you to go there in the morning from 10am to be sure.

Visa - Népal

Visa - Népal

How much does the visa extension for Nepal cost ? :

To extend your visa you must pay 2$ per day. If you want to extend for 15 days : 30$, 30 days : 60$, etc.
This is surely the only thing expensive in Nepal !

Be sure to bring the necessary amount in Nepalese rupee.

Visa - Népal

Practical information :

Summary to extend Nepalese visa :
Where to get it ? : Office Immigration - Sahid Chowk, Pokhara
The procedures :

  • Fill out an online form and print the confirmation.
  • Photocopy your passport.
  • Go to the Immigration Office without an appointment.
  • Give your documents to one of the wickets.
  • Wait on the spot that you are called to pick up your passport with your extended visa.

What should we bring ? :
  • The printed visa extension confirmation.
  • Your passport.
  • Photocopy of your passport.
  • Cash and Nepalese rupee.

How much does the visa cost ?: 2$ per day.
How long can you stay maximum in Nepal ? :150 days a year (about 5 months).

There you go for the visa for Nepal ! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in comment, we will try to help you.

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