How to travel cheap in Nepal ?

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Living in Nepal on a small budget is very easy. Life is cheap, especially for food, travel, and sleep. Only the visitor visa is a bit more expensive than elsewhere.

We still put together some tips for traveling cheaper in Nepal.

Negotiate in the long term :

We stayed in 2 guesthouses in Pokhara including one in Happy Village, and since we stayed a long time, we asked if it was possible to have a discount. Basic rooms are not really expensive, but when you pay attention to your budget, there are no small savings.
Ask directly when you arrive to find out if it's possible.

Eat veg and local :

Eating local specialties is always cheaper than foreign food. Most of the population being vegetarian, meat dishes are more expensive. It’s also in Nepal that I managed to become a vegetarian.

Dal Bat Power :

Expression that you often hear in Nepal, dish consisting of many things including rice, potato or chicken curry and different things depending on the specialties, etc. This huge dish is more at will ! For 1.5 to 2.5 € you eat so much that it’s insane. The Dal Bhaat is very popular during the treks, it’s a good hot and consistent meal, very comforting after a day of walking.

Compare tourist agencies :

If you want to do some activities in the area, agencies don’t miss ! Take the time to compare the offers of each to get an idea and choose the most economical.

Withdraw "large sums of money" :

ATM take a commission of up to € 3, withdraw money over € 50 can make this commission negligible.

Good tips for the trek :

When you arrive at a lodge, ask if it is possible to have the room free provided you eat (dinner and breakfast most often) here. Via this method, we never paid for a room, just meals.

Work in guesthouses :

In exchange for a helping hand, the price of a room in a guesthouse may drop or even be free. This also applies during the trek for some lodges.

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