Where to eat in Pokhara ? Our 8 Best Restaurants

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After nearly 2 months in Pokhara we had our little habits, especially some favorite places to eat. As we are super nice, we share them with you :

Narsang Kitchen - Restaurant & Bar :

Sun Wel-come - Népal

Veg Burger and Veg Crepe are our favorites from there. The quantity-price-quality ratio is just exceptional. More than once it was hard to finish our plate !
Everything is prepared on the spot with local and seasonal products. Moreover, they adapt the dishes according to the arrival so even if you take the same dish, the vegetables inside change.
In addition, the owners are very nice, and always smiling !

How much does it cost ? :

Local dishes are mostly between 150 (1,25€) and 200 rupees (1,70€). Count 150 rupees for a Veg Crepe and 175 rupees (1,45€) for a Veg Burger.

Godfather’s pizzeria :

Godfather’s pizzeria - Népal

After several months in Asia, we had more and more desire for a good pizza. Often too small or too expensive, we didn’t find the one to satisfy us.
Then we tried this pizzeria, where the pizzas are good with a respectable size. Of course, they have other dishes such as pasta or lasagna. Ideal if you want some change.

How much does it cost ? :

The Margherita is from 350 rupees (3€). There are others available, where you can make your pizza by adding the ingredients of your choice to an existing pizza.

Savour Mo Mo Restaurant :

Savour Mo Mo Restaurant - Népal

This little shop sells delicious samosas Veg (not only that, but we came specially for them). On the other hand, it’s a little oily (and we get a little tired after a while).

How much does it cost ? :

25 rupee (0,25€) for 1 samoussa.

Chick’n Falafel :

Chick’n Falafel - Népal

Do not trust the name they also make veg, and also in the form of wrap that contain falafel. In addition to the attractive price, you will leave with a good stuff. Ideal if you want to vary and make it simple.

How much does it cost ? :

Between 150 (1,25€) and 250 rupees (2€).

Wheat to Sweet Bakery :

Wheat to Sweet Bakery - Népal

It's not really a restaurant, but we have to talk about it so it's good!
Even the rolls are good (almost as good as a good baguette), I can’t even tell you the number of times it has served us a meal with a little honey.
But the other sweet temptations are not left out : muffin, cookie, cake, ... We can only succumb ! In addition, the products are often fresh and everything is done on site. On the other hand it has a crazy success and everything goes very quickly. She makes 2 or 3 batches in the day. We can only advise you to stop there and try !

How much does it cost ? :

Prices vary between 30 (0,25€) and 100 rupees (0,85€).

Rest Point Cafe Restaurant & Bar :

Rest Point - Népal

Our favorite place to eat Veg Wrap for Nils and Veg Momo for me. Eat a nice little dish with a bonus point of view on the lake, you can only relax and enjoy.
This is the cheapest place we found to eat momo. By cons, as everywhere in Nepal, they don’t prepare things in advance, so there is often waiting, it is better not to go already starving. But the wait is worth it !

How much does it cost ? :

A Veg Wrap (with fries and salads) : 150 rupees (1,25€).
Veg Momo : 90 rupees (0,75€).

Cafe 17 French Bakery :

Cafe 17 - Népal

"A fruit yogurt muesli and honey, with a pressed lemon juice please". That's my cute little sin when I breakfast there from time to time.
The place is run by a very nice young team, in a nice setting. In addition, for gourmand, they make chocolate breads pretty good ! They serve some salty dishes as for lunch (I cracked again more than once on the Bolognese pasta). Namely they are only open until mid-afternoon max ! In short, it's a good place to start the day.

How much does it cost ? :

Prices vary between 70 (0,60€) and 300 rupees (2,50€).
Pressed lemon juice: 70 rupees (0,60€).
Fruit yogurt muesli and honey : 150 rupees (1,25€).
Bolognese pasta : 250 rupees (2€).

French Creperie :

Their crepe are just delicious ! Breton flags, homemade crepe will make you forget to be in Nepal ! An ideal place if you want to diversify your dishes. The price is more expensive but once again it's worth it. The crepes are well stocked and so good (I drool, I know). It makes me hungry to talk about it !

How much does it cost ? :

Veg Crepe : 390 rupees (3,20€).
Crepe Nutella (yes, real one !) : 270 rupees (2,25€).
Green smoothie : 250 rupees (2€).
Ice Lemont Mint : 150 rupees (1,25€).

If you test these addresses during your stay, tell us what you thought. And especially enjoy it !

The prices shown are the ones we had, you may encounter a difference (good or bad!) but at least it gives you an idea.

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