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You've dreamed of this trip for a long time, and that's it, you're there! The landscapes are splendid, the weather perfect, the food delicious, the locals are nice and smiling ... Well were nice and smiling! You don’t know why, but suddenly they seem insulted or even angry, it's true that you don’t speak the language, but who cares ? You are experts in mime ! Maybe the problem comes from that ?
In some countries, gestures that are familiar, friendly, even sympathetic to us, may mean something else in a foreign country! To avoid hurting and shocking the local populations of the countries you visit, it is better to always learn before leaving on the customs and habits of the country, but also the laws, in order to know the behavior to adopt once there. Even if it is only through clumsiness, it is better to avoid finding yourself in an embarrassing situation that could turn against you for lack of information. The status of a foreigner does not necessarily confer a pass, so it is better to pay attention to a successful trip !

How to behave in Nepal ?

Do :

Take off your shoes before entering a temple or other sacred places.

Before taking a picture, ask if you can. Show them after, it's always nice.

Give food to children who beg rather than money.

Walking around temples or stupas in a clockwise direction.

Wear a proper dress especially in remote areas and sacred places.

Pay attention to your plastic consumption. It is more common to refill empty water bottles (or its water bottles and others) rather than buying new ones. Plastic bags are almost non-existent too.

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Don't :

Entering a temple without permission (unless it can be visited obviously), often someone will invite you inside seeing your curiosity.

Use your left hand to eat, especially with your fingers. He must always eat with your right hand the other being considered impure.

Avoid eating beef, Hinduism being very present in the country, the cow is considered a sacred animal. You will see them roam everywhere freely even in the city.

Share the same bottle of water or food. It is something that is not done at all in Nepal.

Avoid gestures of affection in public for couples.

Deal and consume drugs. Normally, even cannabis is not allowed. The reality is that there are little shenanigans for the police to look away from certain establishments like restaurants/bars. However, it is not something that screams openly or is done on the street.

Participate in demonstrations or other political groupings. This is something to apply in every foreign country. It can go wrong very quickly. We were there during the elections, and there were small homemade bombs in Pokhara launched by little nervous people.

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