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p>You've dreamed of this trip for a long time, and that's it, you're there! The landscapes are splendid, the weather perfect, the food delicious, the locals are nice and smiling ... Well were nice and smiling! You don’t know why, but suddenly they seem insulted or even angry, it's true that you don’t speak the language, but who cares ? You are experts in mime ! Maybe the problem comes from that ?
In some countries, gestures that are familiar, friendly, even sympathetic to us, may mean something else in a foreign country! To avoid hurting and shocking the local populations of the countries you visit, it is better to always learn before leaving on the customs and habits of the country, but also the laws, in order to know the behavior to adopt once there. Even if it is only through clumsiness, it is better to avoid finding yourself in an embarrassing situation that could turn against you for lack of information. The status of a foreigner does not necessarily confer a pass, so it is better to pay attention to a successful trip !

How to behave in Thailand ?

Do :

Eat with a fork and a spoon. The fork only serves to push the food into the spoon. It is only the spoon that must be carried to the mouth.

Remove your shoes. Especially for temples and some shops. A sign will indicate it to the entrance if necessary.

Use your right hand. Especially, to eat, besides the rice is often eaten with the fingers.

Don't :

Pointing. In Thailand, it is a very inappropriate gesture especially to designate someone (we will prefer a gesture of the chin or the gaze). It's hard enough, especially when, like me, you're pointing your finger for everything.

Criticize the king and the royal family. Sensitive subject as in many countries. The best thing is to avoid the subject.

Touching someone's head, because it is the seat of the soul.

Buy or consume drugs. This can earn you very dear and not only financially. Most of the time, those who will offer you are in tandem with the police, and receive a good commission for your arrest.

Smoking in closed public areas. As in many countries now, smoking inside is prohibited. Fine for the smoker: 2 000 Bts (50 €).

How to behave when visiting a sacred place ?

Visiter des temples, palais ou autres lieux importants et sacrés demandent une certaine réglementation que l’on vous rappellera avant même que vous entriez par le biais de panneaux, mais aussi via la sécurité. Sachez que l’on peut vous refuser l’entrée si les conditions ne sont pas respectées :

Do :

Have a proper outfit, ie not be dressed too short, avoid necklines and not have back or shoulders uncovered.

Adopt a humble and modest attitude when taking a picture with Buddha.

Don't :

To be higher than Buddha when taking a picture with him. You have to be at least crouching, the best being to kneel.

Speak loud. Only tourist guides have the monopoly of noise !

Tattoo, t-shirt, necklace ... No matter what it is, it's very badly seen because Buddha and His image are sacred. All these things are therefore seen as a lack of respect. It's pretty ironic when you know that almost all the souvenir stands outside sell it.

Directly point the monks or Buddha with feet, judged impure. That's why we sit on our knees.

Avoid gestures of affection.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited.

The details are not exactly known, but women must respect a certain regulation towards monks: do not talk to them or give them something directly.

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