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Thailand is full of treasures. There is so much to see, to do, to taste, to try, that we should stay there more than for a vacation to make the most of it. We have put together some essential experiences for any stay in the country of smile !

Eating insects :

"And, did you try insects there ? This is surely one of the first things you will be asked when you say you were in Thailand ! Answer "Yes" with a proud smile, well, it's still pretty cool !
We have obviously tried, we never refuse a challenge or a new experience ! We found a street food stand that proposed grilled (it's the good plan grilled, raw, it's something else). Well, that was pretty surprising ! Not only does it hold well, but the taste is not bad (will I eat it every day?).
Don't be afraid to put your disgust, fear or other to try! It's not everyday that you can eat insects !

Eating insects - Thailand

Take the train :

The train is a means of transport that we love. Granted, this is not the fastest way to get around, especially in Asia, but it's one of the best for enjoying the scenery. In the trains of Thailand, there is a certain atmosphere of the country, surrounded by locals, everyone discusses together, vendors spend selling food and drink... In short, if you want to soak up the local culture, we can only recommend doing at least one train trip !

Take the train - Thailand

See a sepak takraw match :

What? Sepak takraw, or kick volley, is a sport that opposes two teams, the principle is like volleyball except that it is played with the foot ! When we saw the splits they made ... It's so impressive! We stumbled upon it in Chiang Mai, and we could only admire the dexterity of the players !
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To know that it is the second national sport ! It changes from the traditional Muay Thai (and yet we love martial sports), because in addition to being quite common you will see that it has become like many things, very tourist ! So we prefer to disorient ourselves by discovering new things, because for our part, we didn't know at all this sport, and you ?

Kick volley - Thailand

Take a tuk tuk :

It is everywhere, especially in Bangkok. Kind of motorcycle fitted with a seat in the back to sit. If it is not the cheapest way to get around and that it does not fit very well the road, the experience is fun ! We strongly recommend that you take at least one trip aboard a tuk tuk !

Tuk tuk - Thailand

Attend a Buddhist ceremony :

With the impressive number of temple in Thailand, you will easily accomplish this experience. Many times we stumbled upon Buddhist ceremonies, where we were invited to attend. This is the opportunity to better understand the rituals, symbols and others, and why not meet a monk and exchange a few words with him !

Temple - Thailand

Getting lost in the huge Bangkok :

Bangkok already impresses with its gigantic size ! Impossible to see the end. Nevertheless, the city and capital of the country, remains an essential step of the trip, just to visit the Grand Palace and its temple of the Emerald Buddha. The city offers so many things that you are sure to miss many things.

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Bangkok - Thailand

Visit Ayutthaya :

Ayutthaya and its remains that are dying of an orange hue at sunset, is part of its timeless places. Some prefer to skip this step, however we can only advise you to stop there for a few days and relax while visiting the city.

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Ayutthaya - Thailand

Relax in Chiang Mai :

Spending a few days in Chiang Mai is a good way to enjoy Thai culture while being surrounded by rivers and mountains. Located further north, there are a good number of expatriates who succumbed to the charm of the city and decided to settle there for some time.
We were charmed by the kindness of the locals, and the discovery of the many temples (nearly 300) that Chiang Mai has. We highly recommend!

Chiang Mai - Thailand

Visit the islands :

It's been a few years since the islands of Thailand enjoyed a certain popularity. Especially with those who come to celebrate. We had to join friends on Koh Samui, and we were very disappointed with this island which has become a real business for tourists and expats.
We wanted to go to another one, but the loss of Nils' papers a little upset our plan (see our article).
Nevertheless, the smaller islands (which are not yet well known), are a perfect place to relax, and why dive a little !

Koh Samui - Thailand

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