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Vietnam is not the country where you will strave. In addition to low prices, the country offers many different dishes to discover.
Lovers of street food, we found our happiness ! (And without killing our stomach, most of the time we didn't know what we were eating).
The animation of the streets is an integral part of life in Vietnam, immerse yourself in it without hesitation and let yourself be carried away to the essence of the country !

If you have any doubts about the place checked it looks fresh (avoid the red meat) and especially look at the locals there. This is often a good sign, they will not poison themselves voluntarily !

Which dishes can we eat in Vietnam? ? :

We have grouped you some known specialties of the country.

Salty :

Pho : It's the traditional soup of the country. It is a rice noodle soup, with broth, spices and meat (often beef or chicken). It's boiled for several hours (even days) so no reason to worry about water.
This is THE dish you will find everywhere at any time of the day. Vietnamese eat both breakfast, lunch and dinner. (We must admit that in the end, this sickened us, just the smell made us flee).
Price :0,80€ - 1,5€ (20 000/40000 VND).

Spring Rolls : Sometimes, they are all ready where it is up to you to wind them up (as we did at the market). Inside, there are soybean shoots, salad, fresh herbs, rice vermicelli, meat (often pork), all coiled with a rice cake. Simply : Delicious!
Price :0,80€ (20 000 VND).

Marché - Vietnam

Banh Mi : The Vietnamese sandwich (or how to be satisfied for few dongs.) These sandwiches are made up of radishes, cucumbers, carrots, meat (often ham), and soy sauce in a bread.
You will find multiple stands that offer on the street.
Price : 0,80€ - 0,90€ (20 000/25 000 VND).

Street food - Vietnam

Banh cuon : The Vietnamese ravioli. It's ground pork with black mushrooms, surrounded by a paste of rice. The whole thing is steamed.
Price : 0,90€ (25 000 VND).

Marché - Vietnam

Banh Bao Vac: It also looks like ravioli, but in translucent version. It's a specialty of Hoi An. Pork, or shrimp, they are recognizable because they look like rose (called White Roses).
Price : 1,5€ (40 000 VND).

Banh bao : Sort of brioche bread, steamed garnished with different things inside: meat, egg, mushrooms ... The mix varies from one seller to another. I loved these little things. Good and cheap, no need more !
Price : 0,60€ - 0,80€ (15 000 - 20 000 VND).

Sweet :

Vietnamese don't really have the sweet tooth, so it's hard to find desserts as we know them.

Banh tieu : Fried dough covered with sugar, often empty, but we sometimes fell on a brioche inside (not the same thing maybe), and another time one filling of coconut grated far to sweet (again it should not be the same thing, but it looked very similar).
In any case, the basic version is good, we discovered it by chance and it was nice to eat something sweet (although we can't say that it is very healthy!)
Price : 0,80€ (20 000 VND).

Plats sucrés - Vietnam

Drinks :

Tea :You can find it at different plants, served hot (not to say burning). Very cheap, you can find everywhere. They make more and more iced tea, but have to trust the water. (What we didn't do !).
Price : Often free with the meal (if you ask for it) or about 0,20€ (5 000 VND).

Coffee : As you were told in the « Travel Guide », Vietnam is the second largest producer in the world after Brazil. As a result,.
Price : 0,60€ (15 000 VND).

Water : Tap water is not drinkable ! You need to buy bottles.
In restaurant, Make sure that the water bottle you are giving is closed (the plastic cap that surrounds the cap), and that it's open in front of you.
For the ice cubes, water is often boiled (avoid having fun to chew them), and if you see that they have a hole in the middle, it means that they are manufactured by a company and therefore normally safe .
Price : 0,20€ (5 000 VND).

Beer : It's quite widespread and not expensive. The most common local brands are Saigon, and Tiger. There is also a lot of beer under pressure. Beer are share with friends !
Price : 0,20€ - 0,60€ the bottle (5 000 - 15 000 VND).

Marché - Hoi An

Have you ever tasted one of these specialties ? Which one do you prefer ? Don't hesitate to share if you know other !

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